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Muhammad completed his B.Sc in Computer Sciences, majoring in programming, and developed a curiosity for wanting to know what actually happens during communication and how to secure that information which lead him to pursue his Network Communication major in M.S. Computer Sciences.

Muhammad has been in the IT and education industry for more than 17 years and holds various industry certifications on different network platforms such as CompTIA, Microsoft, and Cisco, and on security platforms such as CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker). He has authored a computer book series for kids titled “Quickway to Learn Computers” and worked in the industry as a Systems Analyst, Network Administrator, and as a Security Professional.

His work has allowed him to travel around various parts of the world including the United States, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Canada. In his spare time, Mohammad manages his business “Solutionkey”, which is network infrastructure and security consulting business serving North American clients. 

To learn more about working in the Network Security Industry, you can listen to our PODCAST  with Muhammad on our Soundcloud Stream. 



Rich has been playing with and programming computers for more than 30 years. His first exposure to UNIX was a VAX 11-750 minicomputer running BSD 4.2, and it was then that his love of UNIX was kindled.

A career as a C/UNIX systems programmer segued into one as a UNIX systems administrator, where he concentrated his focus on the Solaris platform. A big proponent of open source software, Rich was part of a by-invitation-only pilot program to guide Sun Microsystems' open sourcing of their Solaris operating system, and served on the OpenSolaris Governing Board. Rich is the author of a C programming text book published by Prentice Hall called Solaris Systems Programming, and numerous UNIX programming and SysAdmin articles. He was also a technical reviewer for W. Richard Stevens' highly acclaimed book, UNIX Network Programming, 2nd Edition.

When he's not playing with computers, Rich is a passionate lover of music on vinyl records and high-end audio. Combining this and his interest in writing led to him publishing Vinylphile, the freely-downloadable, vinyl-centric audio magazine.