Network Security | Faculty | Kelowna

Rich Teer | Instructor  

Rich has been playing with and programming computers for more than 30 years. His first exposure to UNIX was a VAX 11-750 minicomputer running BSD 4.2, and it was then that his love of UNIX was kindled.

A career as a C/UNIX systems programmer segued into one as a UNIX systems administrator, where he concentrated his focus on the Solaris platform. A big proponent of open source software, Rich was part of a by-invitation-only pilot program to guide Sun Microsystems' open sourcing of their Solaris operating system, and served on the OpenSolaris Governing Board. Rich is the author of a C programming text book published by Prentice Hall called Solaris Systems Programming, and numerous UNIX programming and SysAdmin articles. He was also a technical reviewer for W. Richard Stevens' highly acclaimed book, UNIX Network Programming, 2nd Edition.

When he's not playing with computers, Rich is a passionate lover of music on vinyl records and high-end audio. Combining this and his interest in writing led to him publishing Vinylphile, the freely-downloadable, vinyl-centric audio magazine.