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2012 Wedding Trends We Love

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  2. 2012 Wedding Trends We Love
  • High fashion photo shoots – Stiff, posed wedding photos are becoming passé, with more and more brides requesting fashion-style photo shoots, sometimes even styled photo shoots (call the event planner for props!) Inspiration: Wedding Photography Ideas by Sophia – Pinterest
  • 100 mile diet feasts – You’ll be amazed at the variety of local foods in your region if you haven’t discovered them already. 100 mile diet feasts pose a new challenge to caterers, but many are embracing the challenge with gusto. Inspiration: The Best Wedding Feast is within 100 Miles (BC Bridal Guide)
  • Pinterest inspiration boards – Some brides are scrapping the magazine clippings folder, and gathering inspiration on Pinterest. Bonus for event planners? (Besides the eye candy). You’ll get an instant feeling of a bride’s style, preferred colour palettes, desired atmosphere for the event. It’s a win-win situation! Inspiration: Wedding & Love
  • Coloured wedding dresses – Because, what’s not to love?! Inspiration: I DO or I DON’T to Non-White Wedding Gowns?
  • Flawless events –  With weddings becoming more extravagant and unique, brides are hiring more wedding planners to ensure all the logistics leading up to and on the day of the event.

We’re also loving: handmade centrepieces, food trucks, unique venues, make-your-own-smores, vintage & DIY decor, communal tables, comfort foods, savory cupcakes, locally sourced wedding favours, “tiny bites”, and video booths.

One wedding trend we could do without? Botox. Now you don’t have to wonder what’s going on when your bride suddenly gives you a deer-in-the-headlights look on her wedding day!

Feature image: locally sourced wedding favours, “Whimsical Ranch Wedding“, GreenWeddingShoes.com.

Dress images: via www.onewed.com. Vera Wang gowns: photo at left by Jose Villa via Once Wed; at right via WWD.

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