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2D Instructor Jorden Oliwa featured at art show in Paris, France


One of our 2D instructors in Kelowna – Jorden Oliwa, as well as artist Robert Valley had their work featured at the Arludik Gallery exhibition in Paris, France since last month until the final day of the art show, May 5.

The Galerie Arludik – Contemporary Art for Entertainment is “dedicated to artists lying behind cinema, comics, video game masterpieces who create the most significant icons of our time.”

Who is Jorden Oliwa?

A Canadian artist, animator, and storyteller, Jorden is a creator of timeless characters and stories in the form of animation, graphic novels and illustrations. No Dice Ink Incorporated and the Gonzo Nation, a creative studio founded by Jorden allows him to do what he loves – draw. In ink, pencil, paint, on paper, pixels…it doesn’t matter. He likes to push boundaries, remix digitally with photos, 2D, 3D, music, poetry and any other kind of art to create a unique and gritty story that people will relate to on numerous levels. He has worked around the world in Canada, USA, Europe, Australia, Germany, China and Costa Rica. His experience in traditional animation, storyboard and concept design, music video animation, comic artistry, and his various roles as an animator, creative director, graphic novelist, storyboard artist and character designer is inspiring for students who are taught by Jorden.

Check out Jorden’s (aka Johnny Gonzo’s) blog at

Who is Robert Valley?

Robert Valley is one of the most unique and innovative designers working in animation today. Robert’s distinctive style is all over animation work for the Gorillaz music videos, Nike, Coca-Cola,  Aeon Flux with Peter Chung, and many others. Most recently Robert’s work was a buzz with his art on the Beatles Rock Band trailer. Robert’s style and influence can be seen all over the projects he works on. Always an approachable and humble leader in the visual field, he is a pioneer in visual styles and filmmaking always pushing for extreme angles and innovative shots.

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