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The Centre’s 48-hour Film Challenge is a National arts event sponsored by The Centre for Arts and Technology; A leader in Arts and Technology Education both in the Okanagan and nationally.  Our 48-hour short film contest was conceived to inspire all creative amateur filmmakers from middle school students through to senior citizens. Teams are challenged both by the short time frame of the event and the mandatory creative and cinematic elements provided by event organizers-culminating in a weekend of filmmaking fun.  The sole purpose of the event is to engage all film enthusiasts from coast to coast with an exhilarating outlet to share their creative vision and the unique face of our communities regardless of cinematic experience.    What is the event? In short: write, shoot, & edit and submit a short film within the 48-hour time limit & upload it to our YouTube channel!


Anyone with a camera, a competitive spirit, and an interest in making movies are welcome.  When is it? EVENT – October 18th to October 20th, 2013


Login info:

User name:

Password: film challenge


IT’S FUN: Team up with your friends, classmates, & co-workers for an exhilarating and unique event.

FOR THE CHALLENGE: Enjoy a competition designed to challenge your creativity.

TO JOIN IN: This kind of filmmaking levels the playing field so anyone can compete and win.

FOR YOUR FUTURE: Realize a passion for film.

FOR THE REWARD: Win great prizes!!!


Online! Click Here for the form


What is the registration fee? IT IS FREE!!

Does everyone on the team need to register?  Yes.

When you create your team, choose a single person to act as your Captain. The Captain will pick up or download the registration package and will collect the info and signatures of everyone who is a part of the team. Registration must be completed in full by the registration deadline of Oct 18th at 5 pm.  How many team members can be on a team?  You can register up to four team members and one team captain for a total of five participants per team. You may choose to have more or fewer people on your team, but please note prices are based on a per participant basis, not the total value. The 48-hour Sponsors will only award prizes to the registered team members.   Do actors count as team members?  No.  There is no limit to the number of unregistered volunteers who may help with your project (such as actors). *Remember only the five (5) registered members are eligible for prizes!!!  You cannot be registered on more than one team, but you could volunteer for another team.  Who can participate? Anyone can participate. All they need do is pre-register and then show up for orientation on the day of the event. This kind of filmmaking levels the playing field so virtually anyone could enter and expect to win.  Before, the competition was limited to residents of the Thompson-Okanagan, but starting this year, we have opened this competition to all residents of British Columbia.  For online participation, read “Online Submissions”.  Can the Centre for Arts and Technology students and graduates enter into the contest?  Yes, Grads and present students can win the Centre’s 48 film challenge trophy and their film will be shown on the closing day of the event.  However, they are not eligible for the Digital Film Program Scholarship prize. *Conversely they will not be charged the registration fee.   Everyone on my team is in high school and under 18 years old, how do we register?  If no one on your team is over 18 years old you must have a parent, teacher, or guardian register for you. Once registered anyone on the team may submit your final project without help from a parent, guardian, or teacher.


Participants may use any visual medium to create their final film, including film, video, animation, and digital photography.  The entrants must own all rights to the video submitted and must be authorized to submit this video.  All videos must be the original work of the registered participants and must not infringe upon the copyrights, trademarks, rights of privacy, publicity, or other intellectual property, or other rights of any person or entity.

  • If the final film contains any media that is not owned solely by the participant the team captain is responsible for obtaining, prior to submission of the final film, any and all releases forms necessary to permit use and exploitation of the final film by the Centre for Arts and Technology and its co-sponsors.  Creating Your Film  Each team will be tasked with creating an original short film (5-minute max) using all the required creative film elements before the end credits within a 48-hour time limit. How you include these elements in your final film is entirely up to your team.   Categories for required creative film elements:
  • Theme:
  • Character Name:
  • Costume:
  • Line of Dialogue:
  • Prop:
  • Location:
  • Ambient Sound:
  • Camera Angle:
  • Narrative Device:
  • Editing Technique:


  1. What is the maximum running time of my film? Five minutes is the maximum running time.  Do credits count in the 5-minute time limit?  Yes. Your entire submission, including opening and closing credits, may not exceed 5 minutes in length.   What type of camera can we use? There is no limit to the number of cameras or the type of equipment permitted in the production of your film. .. However, It is important to note that our judges are concerned with original and interesting stories, not necessarily flashy effects… for this reason, anyone with a handi-cam and a good idea should feel competitive in this event.   What type of computer or software can I use to edit my project?  PC or Mac- Avid or IMovie it does not matter what equipment you use so long as your completed video is uploaded by the deadline.
  2. May I use profanity or adult content in my film?  No swearing. All submissions must abide by the MPPA guidelines of G rating.   Can my team start planning or filming our movie beforehand?  Yes and no. We recommend casting actors making arrangements for equipment and even writing a basic script ahead of time. However, you may not begin actual filming until the day of the contest. It’s important that you stay flexible with your pre-production plans so that when you pick up your team package you can easily apply the required filmic elements to your pre-conceived script.  Do I need a release form for the actors and other people helping to make my film?  Yes, your team captain is responsible for collecting appropriate release forms for all actors and crew members who help in the production of your film. You will find blank templates of all needed legal forms in your registration package. All paperwork must be included with your finished film at the time it is submitted.  All paperwork must be handed in to be considered for the grand prize.
  3. Can I use whatever music I want? No. You cannot use music that you do not have the expressed written consent of the artist. Your team is responsible for obtaining permission for any music usage. Royalty-free loops in a Garage band and Soundtrack Pro or Fruity Loops are acceptable.