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An Amazing Show By Manual Scavengers at M@L


This Friday’s Music at Lunch performers, Manual Scavengers, put on an amazing show today as their peers, professors and friends took in the half hour rock session.

The band is made up of Audio Engineering students Radial Ginjo (J. Zeyha) and Spanky J (W. Jerome). As they began playing, a vibe similar to that of the White Stripes was quickly recognized. The band performed a show that was both energetic and memorable with lyrics that were mature yet fun.

“Can’t solve a problem, so you drink them away,” they sang as the crowd admirably watched the young duo perform.

Switching gears, the next track was extremely catchy and unique as the boys threw in occasional monkey noises with their high energy drum beats.

The crowd cheered for more as the band closed down their set come noon.

Another amazing showcase of student talent at this month’s M@L!