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Audio Engineering Webinar


As part of year-long webinar series surrounding each of our programs and the larger national and international industry they are a part of, we are proud to announce another exciting webinar! Tune in on May 21st at 3:00PST to hear Audio Engineering Department Head Graham Cairns and Lead Instructor Meredith Schuurman discuss the Canadian Audio Engineering Industry. They will discuss the overall state of this vibrant and dynamic industry including what challenges can be expected, career opportunities for graduates along with some forecasted trends that can be expected in the coming years.

Both Meredith and Graham bring skills, experience and personality to our well-rounded audio engineering instructional staff across all three of our campuses nationwide. Graham has worked on numerous film, TV and music projects in addition to his instructor obligations here at our Kelowna campus. Meredith brings a youthful perspective to our programs, is an accomplished guitar player and holds a BA in both History and Education. They will share their personal and professional insights, valuable for anyone wanting to break into an engaging career in Audio Engineering.

Our Audio Engineering program is a skills based program for students who are dedicated to a career in sound engineering and production. Running 18 months, students will fine tune their professional skills in tandem with learning the fundamentals and advanced techniques needed to succeed in this changing industry. Including workshops, and classroom instruction in recording, mixing, reproducing, editing, manipulating, and overall mastery of sound. Upon graduation from this program, you will be ready to work in various positions in film and TV, studio production, live sound production, game audio or even build your own audio business.

For more information on this and all our upcoming webinars please visit our online webinar page.

Interested in our Audio Engineering Program? Visit our Audio Engineering program page and fill out an inquiry form to be contacted by one of our program advisors.