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  2. Audio Grad Datsik Headlines Coachella, Interview with Rolling Stone

Audio Grad Datsik Headlines Coachella, Interview with Rolling Stone

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  2. Audio Grad Datsik Headlines Coachella, Interview with Rolling Stone

If you haven’t yet heard of Datsik, now you have.

His name is associated with the Dubstep scene worldwide. You could say he’s… kind of a big deal.

Centre for Arts and Technology’s Audio Engineering program grad “DJ Datsik” has been making waves worldwide since bursting onto the Dubstep scene after graduating. Rolling Stone caught up with Datsik backstage at Coachella recently: “”I’m on this big scissor lift and throughout my set, I raise up over 10 feet…I have these crazy-looking robotic cryomen decked from head to toe in blue L.E.D. and eight feet tall. They’ve got blue and green and red lazers and they spray the whole crowd with cryo, super-cold mist stuff… When I was first getting into music, I was so into hip-hop and so just about trying to expand my roosts as a hip-hop artist; I came across dubstep and it felt like the right move at the time,” he explained. “Now it’s just exploding. All of us dubstep artists are kind of just riding the wave.” Read the full story at Rolling Stone.

Video: Datsik Rides the Dubstep Wave

Keep Up With Datsik

You can learn more about Datsik (aka Troy Beetles) on the Datsik ElectronicDanceMusic.com profile wiki. You can also follow him (along with 625,000 other adoring fans) on Facebook, or keep up with him on tour on Twitter. Also check him out on SoundCloudto see what his music is all about, or visit Beatport to buy his new album, Vitamin D, released in April.

Audio Engineering & Music Production Training

DJ Datsik attended the Audio Engineering program at our Kelowna campus. We now offer three audio training programs at our campuses in Kelowna, BC, Halifax, NS, and Fredericton, NB. They include:

Contact us to learn more about audio music training options today!

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