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Audio Student "BDice" Goes Viral on YouTube


Brandon Cruz Bebe, or BDice, is an Audio Engineering student here at the Centre for Arts and Technology’s Kelowna campus. BDice has taken on an exciting project over the last year called the Daily 16. “Every day for the last 365 Days I have written/recorded a 16 bar verse to pay dues and to improve,” he said, explaining the project.

He has now put them all together into a video on Youtube to show his amazing results from his experience. “365″ (Daily 16 Day #365) – the final installment of his project, currently has over 25,000 views on YouTube – and counting. Check it out on YouTube.

His lyrics touch the hearts of many of his listeners because of his real, thought provoking words. His lyrics are filled with dreams and the reality that you have to work extremely hard to get there. He says many times in “365″ that, “you got to earn this.” He also says that anyone can have their dream by stating that he is, “representing the dream to show you that you can have it.” He talks about how life is hard, but that anyone can push through with determination.

Through his amazing journey over the last year, BDice has shown that he is ready to join the difficult career path of being a hip-hop artist. Even though he is unsigned he has already made a very influential impression in the music industry and to his fans. We are very proud to have him as a student here at the Centre for Arts and Technology and we cannot wait to see where his insane raw talent leads him.

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