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BC Film Industry Funding Announced | Kelowna Film School


Great news for the BC film industry! $2.2 million in provincial funding for Film, TV, and Digital Media around the province was just announced. Community, Sport and Cultural Development Minister Ida Chong stopped by Penticton Memorial Arena – currently the set for Network Entertainment’s latest 3D film, Stanley Cup Odyssey – to announce 2012/2013 recipients of the funding.

2012/2013 BC Film Industry Funding

This year’s recipients include:

Jon Summerland with the Okanagan Film Commission, joined Chong for the announcement, as did MLA Bill Barisoff, Derik Murray, executive producer for Network Entertainment and Richard Brownsey, president of BC Film + Media.

Kelowna, Okanagan Film Industry

John Summerland with the Okanagan Film Commission says the funding will continue to support the Okanagan’s growing industry, says AM 1150. “It has been a banner year here for us and I am very proud of our region. We have a 100 crew plus working non stop from the beginning of the year right to the end of the year. We have six back to back films happening right now. So we are very very happy with what we have going on here.”