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Behind-the-Scenes: Mentored Film Shoot – Day 4


As part of their TVFP 200 course (Techniques for Video and Film Production), third quarter Digital Filmmaking students at our Kelowna, BC film school get to participate in a “mentored film shoot”. The mentored film shoot brings together industry professionals, to give students hands on experience on a true film set environment. When we talked to the student participants from last year, many said that the mentored shoot was priceless experience in preparing them to work on real film sets. During the shoot, students work through five areas alongside industry professionals, including Directing, AD (Assistant Directing), location sound, and camera operations.

Film student Jordan Marlin (at right!), has been bringing readers through the entire process, starting from the initial pitch, to the final hours in the editing room. He covered the pre-shoot a few weeks ago and today he talks to us about the final day of the four day shoot! 

Shoot Day 4

Our fourth and final session of production finally put me where I am the most comfortable, in the camera department.

I was put to work pushing a dolly back and forth, as well as riding on top of one. The scenes we had scheduled to shoot at the final session where both movement intensive, giving Shane and I plenty of opportunity to learn the subtle craft of camera movement.

After we had our short shooting tour of the Sutherland building, we found ourselves back in the production studio, where we had had our first production meeting no less than 7 weeks ago.

As the marker snapped on our window shot of production, I reflected on the skills the mentors of our shoot had imparted upon me and, hopefully, the rest of my class. Above all else the pace and feeling of being on a working set, albeit a tiny one, was the highlight of this course. Knowing that you sink or swim with everyone else on the callsheet gives an undaunted sense of community and social well-being.

Students in the Centre for Arts and Technology’s Digital Filmmaking program are immersed in a practical film studio setting from day one. Our 18 month Canadian film school programs are offered in Kelowna, BC, Halifax NS, and Fredericton NB. Visit our program page or contact us to learn more about how you can get started on your film training in the near future!

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