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Cam and Trevor Preform at Music at Lunch


Trevor and Cam started writing music together six years ago when life was all about high school and leaving home. During this time they both came to the conclusion that music was what they wanted to immerse their lives in. With this realization they both decided to come to Centre for Arts and Technology in hopes of pursuing a career within the music industry. They had started a project called the Three Waves Project, which they have written around 10 songs under, and then applied to CAT, now they are here preforming at Music at Lunch!

The boys gave a fantastic performance, playing original music that made the audience smile and dance along as well as more heartfelt songs about friends who have passed away. Their voices blended wonderfully and the joy was apparent.

“We just want to make people happy with our music (sometimes sad as well).” – Trevor.

They hope to finish and record their first album by the end of the program. They are always looking to progress and become better with each song, even hoping to expand their band by gaining a bass guitarist and another guitarist.

Alyssa joined Trevor and Cam to help them with their final song to end the day off. All three sounded fantastic together and looked to be having the time of their lives.

Centre for Arts and Technology’s Audio Engineering and Production students made this event happen, setting up all the sound equipment and creating a fantastic event for all students and staff to enjoy.