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CANVAS | New Learning Management System Will Improve Educational Delivery


Staying current with technology is of the utmost importance for quality educational delivery, each week there are better and more efficient ways to enhance the adult learning environment. Students of the Centre for Arts and Technology will soon be on the very cutting edge of educational delivery.

Over the past few quarters, a few programs were chosen to “test-drive” a new method of delivering classroom content and receiving critical feedback on
assignments. CANVAS is a new open-source learning management system that is truly on the verge of revolutionizing the way educational materials are both delivered and received. Classroom material will be available to students no matter where or when in the world they are, and students will be able to submit assignments through the online portal as well. This will also modernize the way instructors provide feedback and grading to students; comments and marks can be left for students as private text, audio or video.

This new style of learning management will speed up the overall delivery and creation of curricula and pertinent class materials; no more waiting for the photocopier! As an additional perk, CANVAS will bring to an end the days of duplicated materials as all content can be made available to every instructor within a given program.

CANVAS will also serve as an area for students to engage in discussion with one another, allowing virtually instant connectivity in their peer groups. It is our hope that by fully instituting CANVAS in the coming quarter, staff, instructors and students alike will all benefit from improved efficiency and functionality of our core programs.

And to top it all off, CANVAS helps the environment by greatly reducing the need to print physical classroom content….now who doesn’t want to save a tree or two?