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Career Success with Interior Design Alumni Rebecca Bors

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Recently, we connected with Advanced Interior Design & Technology Alumni, Rebecca Bors. She filled us in on what she’s been up to since graduation, the most valuable thing she learned in her program and her top tip for students.  

Program & grad date

Advanced Interior Design & Technology, January 2022  

What are you doing now?

I currently work at Stober Group as an Interior Designer and Project Coordinator. I was lucky enough to get hired while still in school so that allowed me a lot of great learning opportunities while in school and now out of school. I really enjoy the project coordination side of things because it helps me see things from the build perspective and helps me build relationships with trades and material reps. Having these relationships and a better understanding for how things are built means we can get jobs completed faster and come up with creative solutions for unseen problems.   

Top tip for current students?

The programs at CAT are all very densely scheduled and demanding; sometimes it can take a lot out of a person. They do this so that you can graduate sooner and ultimately start working in your field sooner. Make sure and prioritize your day so that you take some personal time for yourself. If you can avoid burnout, you will be able to achieve much in your time at CAT.

Best thing you learned during your program?

How to prioritize my time doing different tasks. As a designer, you could spend endless hours trying to perfect your designs; in the real world, you have to give your client a reasonable allotment of time to get your designs complete. Learning how to lay out my day and figure out what items need to be completed by a certain date really helped me in my professional career.       

Long-term career goals?

To continue with my design education and become a registered Interior Designer with the NCIDQ. I would also like to take steps to become a registered Project Manager. Having flexibility in my work so I can travel with my family and work remotely if needed; I am a spontaneous person and love to travel.   

Interested in a career in Interior Design like Rebecca?

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