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Castanet Logo Contest



OVERVIEW was formed as a local informational website on November 1, 2000. Fourteen years later, reaching 80% of Kelowna, Castanet’s website now comprises;

•  News: Local, BC, Canada and World coverage

•  Business & Sports

•  Classifieds

•  Entertainment & Events

•  Adopt-a-Pet

•  Columnists & Obituaries

•  Traffic and scenic webcams

•  Airport information

•  Forums & links to surrounding cities

It’s now time to bring a new feel to this very familiar community website!

…..Steve Jobs may have left us, but we’re big fans of “think different and keep it simple”.


To create a new logo for

General guidelines;

•  The new logo should be – Crisp with a touch of elegant simplicity, however, we wish to

maintain the openness of the current logo, nothing too dramatically different

•  The 4 colours should be retained in the logo

•  The logo will be set against a yellow background (as the current logo) when used on

the splash page – but may be set against a white ground when used elsewhere

•  Change the font to fit the new logo image – Upscale with clarity.



distinctive, unique, colourful, cheerful, whimsical, & informal; with 4 primary

colours & an attractive gradient.


a bit too blocky & heavy; with rather strong outlines in both black & white…

reminds one of a kid’s building blocks.


Up to $1,000* in cash can be yours!

$500 in cash will be paid to the winner of the best eligible entry

*An additional $500 in cash will be paid to the winning entry if the exact entry becomes Castanet’s new logo


1.  Eligibility – All participants must be students currently enrolled in a program at the Centre for Arts and Technology, Kelowna or graduates from the Centre for Arts and Technology, Kelowna, except for those now employed at the Centre for Arts and Technology

2.  Participants may enter as many entries as desired. Each entry must be sent as a single separate entry – no multiple entries in one email will be accepted

3.  All entries must be sent in a jpeg format, any other forms of presentation will be disqualified

4.  All entries will be assumed to be true to scale and exacting in colour as received

5.  All entries must be sent as an attachment by email to with your full name and phone number in the body of the email

6.  Last date for receipt of entries – Friday, Aug 22nd 2014. Any entries received after this date will be disregarded

7.  The winner will be notified by Aug 28th2014

8.  In the event that there is a draw for the winning entry – the prize money will be divided equally between the winners

9.  The winning participant gives all promotional rights to Castanet

10. All entries received become the sole property of Castanet Media Ltd.

Thank you for your interest and participation in this contest.

Good luck to everyone!

From the Castanet team.