Blog > CAT Animation Alumni, Bardel Entertainment and Centre for Arts and Technology team up for Covert Animated Film Screening

CAT Animation Alumni, Bardel Entertainment and Centre for Arts and Technology team up for Covert Animated Film Screening


Centre for Arts and Technology has a close working relationship with Bardel Entertainment, a local animation studio in Kelowna who has, to-date, hired 15 of our animation graduates. Recently, there was an opportunity to further strengthen those ties, as Bardel was in a last-minute search for a venue to screen a top-secret, soon-to-be-released animated feature film they had worked on.

Anne Denman, Bardel’s studio manager contacted Sean Ridgway, our Animation department head 2 days before the planned event, asking if CAT could help facilitate this event. Sean was of course, happy to oblige, especially since some Centre for Arts and Technology animation alumni had worked on the film.

Our classroom schedule is a well-oiled machine, with not many open classrooms available, so some creative classroom juggling had to take place. Thanks to our scheduling department, a few instructors affected by the shuffle, the marketing department and some other helpful staff members; we were able to clear up the lecture theatre to host the screening. This locale was ideal as the top-secret nature of this screening meant that the room had to be totally private, no prying eyes allowed.

So after all recording devices had been temporarily confiscated, the blackout blinds were drawn, the lights dimmed and the screening began. We wish we could tell you details of the film being screened, but rest assured, the hearty applause and congratulations passed around during the final credits meant the film was a roaring success! Not only was CAT able to assist Bardel in the execution of this event, but it was also a watershed moment for our animation program, demonstrating the caliber of our graduates and how hard this program works to foster local industry relations. And, if that isn’t enough to be proud of, CAT later learned that this film had only been screened at the Toronto International Film Festival, Cannes…and now Centre for Arts and Technology!

So, thanks to everyone involved for coming together to allow this event to happen. Events of this nature further strengthen our tie with local industries of all kinds and allow our graduates to easily transition from our campus to their careers.

Animation department head Sean Ridgway – “It was very inspiring to view such a wonderfully animated film, but to also see our alumni’s names in the credits.  It’s a testament to the success of CATO’s animation program and the relationships we continue to build on.”