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CAT Chat Special #5 – FAQ’s for The Centre


CAT Chat is the official podcast of Centre for Arts and Technology, where host Chris Morris speaks to teachers, alumni and members of industry concerning all of our programs.

With this episode, we do something a little different…we speak to CAT Program Advisor Rachel Anber to discuss the Frequently Asked Questions of anyone who is thinking of coming to Centre for Arts and Technology! Questions such as:

  • What are the age requirements to apply to CAT?
  • What are the admission requirements?
  • What is the essay supposed to include?
  • At what point do students have to give the school money?
  • What is the portfolio requirement for 2D Animation or 3D Animation?
  • What is the portfolio requirement for Digital Photography?
  • Why do students have to sign a contract?
  • Do we help students from out of town find housing?
  • What are some of the financial options for students?
  • What does a student’s time commitment look like when going to CAT?
  • Are there part time studies available?
  • What happens if a student needs to defer classes?
  • What happens if a student needs to cancel?
  • What kind of support to you offer students while at CAT?
  • Do students have to buy a Parking Pass?
  • Can students work while they study at CAT?
  • If a student has a disability, can they still apply to CAT?
  • Does the school help students find jobs?
  • Is there a practicum during student’s studies?
  • Which programs offer certificates/diplomas/degrees, etc…?

In addition to talking about our Animation and Photography courses, we discuss Digital Filmmaking, Graphic & Web Design, Network Security, Veterinary Hospital Assistant, Audio Engineering and Production, Interior Design, and more!

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