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Catching up with Audio grads K5TAR & Mr.Drixx of DubTrub


We recently caught up with some of our Audio Engineering grads from our Kelowna campus – Sean Friedt & Steve McCarthy (aka K5TAR & Mr.Drixx) – to hear about all the projects they’re working on. To put it lightly, these guys have been very busy in recent months!! They recently released their first EP and having been working like crazy to prepare for their first show on April 13 at the Habitat in Kelowna.

CAT: So how did you guys get started as a team?

DubTrub: We first met when we started the Audio Engineering program together at CAT. Pretty soon we were DJing together, and shortly after that, we started producing tracks together.

CAT: How would you describe dubstep?

DubTrub: The generalization would be bass-heavy music with big synths and a fat snare. We tend to think that our music is one of the many branches of the dubstep tree.

CAT: Dubstep seems to be getting bigger by the day around the world. Why do you think that is?

DubTrub: We have learnt a lot from the old school mentality when it comes to dubstep. We grew up listening to the founders of dubstep: Benga, Skream, Caspa & Rusko etc. It used to be a lot slower and more spaced out. The main stream has taken something that was from the underground and shoved into the spotlight. This has evoked many versions of the same genre.

CAT: Dubstep has a huge following right here in Kelowna. Why do you think that is? 

DubTrub: One of the reasons that it might be so big in kelowna is that two massive dubstep producers originated from Kelowna. Datsik & Excision [CAT: both Audio Engineering grads as well] have been blowing up the scene since dubstep was still underground music. They helped evolve the genre, implement new styles and help put Kelowna on the map for all us up and comers. Kelowna is known for having a great community of dubsteppers who love that bass heavy music.

CAT: Well we’re super excited for you guys – good luck next week with your Habitat appearance! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

DubTrub: We would like to add that we are not DJ’s. We are producers who perform their music live with custom mapped controllers. In the future we hope to perform big productions, aspiring to put on epic shows/tour just like daft punk’s alive tour, excisions x-rated tour, and Deadmua5′s tour.

CAT: We’ll look forward to keeping up with you guys!! How can our blog readers learn more about your and your upcoming appearances?

DubTrub: There’s lots of ways to do that! You can find us on Facebook, Soundcloud, and YouTube. And make sure to download our new album at

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