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CATOFest Rocks Kelowna


This year’s CATOFest proved to be one of a kind with a theme unlike any other…Jurassic Park! Inspired by the film that made its way back onto the big screen this year, the Event and Promotions Management students were able to put on an amazing event which appealed to all age groups…even those who weren’t around when Jurassic Park originally hit theatres!

Upon entering CATOFest, attendees were given their meal and game tickets and one draw ticket to enter the draw of their choice. Prizes ranged from restaurant gift certificates to Center of Gravity tickets.

Then it was off to the games! Several dinosaur inspired games grabbed the attention of the attendees. There was also an opportunity to meet up with our Digital Photography students to have your picture taken with a Velociraptor. The Digital Filmmaking crew was also caught documenting the event and interviewing those in attendance.

One of the highlights of the night was the Jell-O eating contest where the winner won two tickets to Keloha. It was hard to watch several people down a massive pie plate of Jell-O, but the prize was well worth it!

Attendees were also treated to chili, Nanaimo bars and a drink…all of which were delicious!

And of course, the music – the Audio Engineering department kept the party going all night long with their amazing mix of classics and current hits!

A special thank you to the event MC, Kristin Stratulat, who kept the crowd going as well as to our event sponsors and the Event and Promotions Management team for putting on such an amazing event!