Blog > The Centre for Arts & Technology Digital Photography program hosts first annual "Photathalon"

The Centre for Arts & Technology Digital Photography program hosts first annual "Photathalon"


This year, The Centre for Arts and Technology Kelowna Digital Photography’s department head Kevin Trowbridge created a fun way for our graduating students to celebrate their departure from the digital photography program. He conceived a fun filled day of photographic challenges that would test the students and provide a fun way to end the quarter. The photographers were challenged to produce 5 portraits in a studio setting within a limited time. Phase two was to take these images and batch process them and choose one image to do a creative edit on. The winner of the Photathalon received quite a few awesome prizes including credits towards ordering from Mpix Pro, WHCC and prominent window space at the Kelowna framing studio “Picture Perfect”. In addition, a separate challenge was created to win a special prize from Lowepro. This challenge was an extreme creative edit on one of their selected Photathalon images. The winner would receive an awesome Lowepro camera bag to start their professional business off right!

With music pumping and creativity flowing, our graduating students battled it out in this head to head winner takes all competition. Our judges for the day were Centre for Arts and Technology faculty members Victor Poirier and Grant Robinson, big thanks to them for making the day possible.

Our winner of both the inaugural Photathalon and Lowepro Creative Edit challenge was Juliana Martine! This talented young Okanagan photographer focuses on youthful and fresh portraiture and rose to the top in our Photathalon competition. Her excellent Photoshop skills and creative shooting style allowed her to produce the winning image and take home the Golden Camera trophy and all the awesome prizes.