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Centre for Arts and Technology Goes To Vegas!


Recently, Electronic Music Production Lead Instructor, Taylin Simmonds embarked on a journey to Las Vegas to explore and promote CAT Audio programs. See below for Taylin’s bio and first blog post. Stay tuned for more posts and be sure to check out Social Media (Facebook and Instagram) for more! And for information about our Audio Programs, view our complete Program roster.

Taylin Simmonds | Lead Instructor Electronic Music Production

Taylin Simmonds became interested in the art of Electronic Music Production from a young age. This passion led him to take online music workshops while still in high school and eventually become a graduate of the Electronic Music Production Program here at CAT. Upon graduation Taylin signed his first record deal with independent record label Blue Label Records. While at Blue Labe Records, Taylin released multiple tracks that charted in the I-Tunes top 100 Dance Charts, co-produced/ co-wrote songs for independent artists and assisted artists in preparing DJ performances for headlining festival slots. After working with Blue Label Records and major PR Agencies such as Music Promo Today and Dotted Music, Taylin decided to take his career in to his own hands by becoming an independent artist. Taylin is now the instructor for the Electronic Music Production Program and is excited to bring his expertise and industry insights to the Centre for Arts and Technology team.

CAT in Las Vegas – by Taylin Simmonds

The opportunity to go to Las Vegas is one I am very excited about. The chance to network and rub shoulders with peers in the audio industry and continue to grow CAT’s reach in the audio industry is one I am very excited about.

My first goal in Las Vegas is to connect CAT with Studio DMI, The Alliance and Immersa and plan future ways for our team to creatively partner and work together. Studio DMI is a partner school opening new doors in Las Vegas and The Alliance is an important part of Studio DMI offering monthly, subscription base learning opportunities in the audio industry. Immersa is an Education Development, Delivery Management and Consulting Company located in Las Vegas Nevada. It was formed in 2014 and is a division of TEC The Education Company of Surrey BC Canada. The future sees a partnership involving online workshops and learning opportunities with The Alliance and Luca Pretolesi of Studio DMI.

My second goal is to make the most use of my VIP EDC pass to meet and network with other artists/ industry professionals. I want to create new opportunities for CAT students such as record label opportunities, reputable blog coverage and AnR (Artist and Repertoire) contacts. AnR find up and coming talent and connect them to record label opportunities. These contacts would allow CAT to connect their students with the right people for success before graduating. This could lead to live show performances, record label deals and an increase of exposure on new student releases. Real world experience and opportunities often make the difference between wishing for success and attaining it.

My overriding goal is to get a feel for where the industry as a whole is headed, through formal and informal industry research. It would be valuable to CAT and its students to understand where the electronic music industry as a whole is headed and where professionals are focusing their attention. What platforms are they using to discover up and coming artists? What genres of music are becoming more popular on the main stages? What songs sounded the best in a live show setting and what made them so effective? I plan to make this happen by networking with professionals in the industry and attending interview panels with reputable industry professionals.

I look forward to all this trip has to offer, both for CAT as a school and myself professionally.

~ Taylin Simmonds