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Centre for Arts & Technologies Interior Design Department Talks Collaborative Competition


Doesn’t every designer long to see their ideas turned into reality? For one lucky interior design student, this is exactly what is going to happen.

The Interior Design Department has been busy with a collaborative competition with Westwood Fine Cabinetry in Kelowna. The challenge to design a contemporary cabinet inspired by mid-century modern design.

“We were looking for something that encompassed all the learning outcomes of the ‘Millwork, Detailing and Furniture Design’ class, and collaborated it into one design,” explains instructor Andrea Muller. “This project did just that.”

Enter Westwood Fine Cabinetry. Operations Director Daryl Kitsul was drafted in to act as project advisor. As the project progressed, he was so excited by the students’ work, he suggested that the winning entry actually be produced as a one-off piece.

The competition was judged by Kitsul, Muller, and Interior Design Department Head Jennifer Yeo, and the winner announced in class on Tuesday, August 7th, 2018.

The judging criteria included: overall design, referencing the mid-century modern aesthetic; application of materials and finishes; knowledge of constructibility (understanding how things would fit together); quality of drawings; the cost of construction; and ability to fabricate design without (many) revisions.

“All the entries were really good – the students all really tried, and took constructive criticism really well. But the winning design needed almost no changes to be able to produce it,” explains Kaul. “The drawings were clear, easily build-able without having to change almost anything, and the joinery was really well thought through.”

The winner? Cassidy Stober, who graduated from the Advanced Interior Design Technology program last September. Runner up was classmate Kacie Atkinson.

“The idea behind my design was prominently based on the client profile we received for the assignment. I was determined to create a piece that met the client’s needs without sacrificing their mid-century modern design style,” explains Cassidy. “I drew inspiration from other shelving units and cabinets. I continued the process with a surplus of process sketches and finally landed on a design I felt would make the theoretical clients happy.

“Throughout the project/ competition process, I really enjoyed seeing the amazing cabinet designs my classmates made,” says Stober. “The competition definitely upped our game and made the whole process feel very real. Despite the added pressure, everyone was up for the challenge and produced really amazing designs.”

“We definitely learned a lot,” says runner up Atkinson. “I have a much better understanding of this area now.”

“It was great to have feedback from an experienced person in the field,” adds student Ciara Ryan.

“Winning the prize was an absolute privilege. I’ve always loved the idea of designing furniture so for me to see my furniture design come to life was such an honor,” says Stober. “I’m very grateful towards Centre for Arts & Technology, Jenn Yeo and Westwood Fine Cabinetry for making this amazing experience happen.”