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Centre for Arts & Technology Digital Photography Graduates Share Their Passion for Photography


Katelyn Bennett-McCrea:

I’ve chosen to go into photography, due to me loving to be creative. I’ve always loved being able to capture true moments of people around me, to show people in a way that I see them, and
also being able to show people with a sense of reality and no fakeness. Joshua Burdeos: Whether it’s expressing the emotions of people, or capturing an action that doesn’t happen everyday… these types of images are what I express in my photography.

Jessica Filiatrault:

Experiencing the feeling of exploration, freedom and being able to see the world from a different perspective is why I love taking photos. Having this outlet allows me to be creative, whether I am photographing personal projects or with a specific client.

Morgan Fraser:

Photography gives me the ability to be my true self, and most of all to be free! As a photographer, there is nothing I like more than capturing memorable moments and
creating an atmosphere of pure freedom and emotion.

Travis Gault:

I became a photographer to capture my view of the world and express my way of showing it. I shoot for emotion and feeling.

Aurelie Junod:

Photography is a way of expression (to show the world as I see it), creation, or of communicating more easily with my surroundings and environment. It is about highlighting a unique moment, creating a story, showing feelings and values.

Wambui Ng’ang’a:

Taking a photograph is like capturing a moment in history and I love that photographers have a say in deciding what stories to share with the world. This is why I
chose to become a photographer. Erynn Oleksyn: I remember the day a light bulb went off in my head; when I realized I could incorporate my biggest passion into photography. Sports. There’s just something about sports photos that keep me absorbed. Whether it’s action photos or portraits. Getting the perfect shot, with the perfect composition at the perfect moment. That’s what it’s all about for me!