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Digital Filmmaking Student Film Showcase


As we approach the end of this quarter, the Kelowna campus is buzzing with many celebratory events where students are given the opportunity to showcase the results of another term of hard work and passion.

Last night saw the Digital Filmmaking students hosting staff, friends, family and the community for their Student Film Showcase. 6 films were shown, covering everything from fictional short films to documentary style pieces.

“Strange Suspect” – A short fictional piece edited by student Kolton Gaboury was a detective drama shot on location here at Centre for Arts and Technology Kelowna.

“Finding Home” – Another short directed by Kolton Gaboury featured a film student finding himself through the perspectives of others.

Brightside Darkside – Reckless” – Music video edited by Benjamin Musgrave featuring Electronic Music Artist Students and shot by Digital Filmmaking students on location in our production studio at the Kelowna campus.

“Survivors of War” – short film directed by Adam Ritz focused on three women searching for a family member after war had torn them apart.

“Natural Healing” – Directed by Brittany Allen, this documentary explored the benefits of natural healing methods and the public misconceptions surrounding them.

Aidan Mayes and Mandy Cole – Heart Shaped Love” – Music video edited by Jamie Cottington featuring the talented musical styling of local vocal duo Aidan Mayes and Mandy Cole.

The night was a huge success and many of the crowd gathered at a local pub after the evening had concluded to further celebrate the achievements of this talented group of students. We can’t wait to see what you will accomplish in the future!

Special Thanks to the following contributors:

Dakota’s Sports Bar and Grille

Linda Widmer

Kelowna International Hostel

Laura Pelletier

Howard Hisdal at Okanagan College

The Ritz Family