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Digital Photography School Student Sends Strong Anti-Bullying Message


On March 23, the graduating Digital Photography students at our Kelowna campus hosted a gallery reception of their displayed work at the Bean Scene Coffee House. In addition to the gallery, students presented their final essays and photography business brand launch presentations, to friends, family, media, and the public.

CHBC News Okanagan was at there covering the event, and took special notice of one of the student projects, done by Alex Ardron. For part of his final project, Alex decided to do an anti-bullying video, involving local students from Rutland Senior Secondary School. Check out the CHBC’s coverage on the video:

Digital Photography School Student Send Strong Message About Bullying

VIDEO: Student video sends message about bullying

From CHBC News Okanagan:

The video is moving and at times heart wrenching. On Friday, many people came out for the official release of the 15 minute long video on anti-bullying. Many people found themselves moved to tears by the video, which was produced by Alex Ardron, a student at Kelowna’s Centre for Arts and Technology.

“When I thought of bullying, I thought go bit or go home and I did it as big as I could and it turned into all this,” Ardron said.

The video involved dozens of students from Rutland Senior Secondary School and took three months to film. It was part of Ardron’s school project, one that in the end evoked a lot of emotion exploring every aspect of a very sensitive and important topic.

“I am happy because it means I did my job. The video did impact people and send the message to stop bullying or prevent it,” Ardron said.

The video is now making the rounds on social media sites like YouTube.