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Fashion Photography Training: Kelowna Digital Photography School Fashion Shoot


Last quarter, Kelowna Digital Photography school student (and future fashion photographer) Ali Mathiesen, was involved a large-scale fashion shoot for an in-class school project. The project was part of her major assignment for the fashion portion of our Lighting for Stills 200 course that students take in their 3rd quarter.

Course instructor (and Digital Photography department head), Kevin Trowbridge, filmed the shoot and put together the “fusion” video below.

We hope you enjoy the video-maybe it will inspire you to do a fashion shoot of your own!!

Photography Schools in Canada: Fashion Photography Training

Thank you to DEJA VU Modelling and model Hannah Caldwell, X10sion 207 for clothing, students at MC College for hair and makeup, and the Laurel Packing House for location (Kelowna Museums Society). 

Digital Photography Film School: New Digital Fusion Filmmaking program in Kelowna

Fusion is a word that’s been used in the creative industry in the last few years, meaning the act of combining different methods of storytelling to create a multimedia story, typically employing digital photography (stills), film, and audio. In other words, video storytelling that packs a punch!

This kind of storytelling gained popularity in the multi-billion dollar wedding industry, and has been increasingly popular ever since. Our Kelowna campus recently announced a new program, called Digital Fusion Filmmaking. The one-year program was designed to train future creative in the art of photography, filmmaking, screenwriting, and audio engineering, to answer the demand for cross-skilled storytellers. Learn more about Digital Fusion Filmmaking.