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Film/Photography Program: Digital Fusion Filmmaking

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  2. Film/Photography Program: Digital Fusion Filmmaking

A new program, Digital Fusion Filmmaking – an intense 12 month program – is now being offered at our Kelowna campus. This program is perfect for the student looking to work in different varieties of media and it refines skills to make students ready for this larger focus. Digital Fusion is for a person who has a passion for more than one aspect in photography and film-this program dives into many aspects of each.

Digital Fusion Filmmaking focuses on the knowledge and use of a DSLR camera to capture photography and high definition video. These cameras are “digital cameras combining the parts of a single-lens reflex camera (SLR) and a digital camera back, replacing the photographic film.” These cameras are the future of still and moving imagery. Many filmmakers are already starting to use this new piece of equipment for producing their HD films.

Focuses include:

  • Photography – mastering the use of a DSLR for photography
  • Film – mastering the art of film and video production
  • Audio Production – learning how to use audio to tell your story
  • Screenwriting – gaining insight and practice on writing for film

Students will be continuously experimenting in the ways of art and media, whether that means capturing a frozen picture, shooting news broadcasts, or writing a film script. The program is a gripping and brings you into a world only thought of in dreams. It gives a person the ability to take their imagination and put it out on paper or dazzle the eyes in a photograph. This gives the student a chance to make the world their wonderland of stunning art, in both still and moving imagery. Join the adventure, make your thoughts heard, and make your visions seen. Explore and discover the world of Digital Fusion Filmmaking.

Learn more about the Digital Fusion Filmmaking program by contacting us – we’ll put you in touch with a Digital Fusion Filmmaking program advisor to choose the best program for you, whether it’s Digital Filmmaking, Digital Photography, Audio Engineering, or a combination of all three!

Fun Fact: One of the Pioneers of DSLR Filmmaking

Chase Jarvis is one of the pioneers of mixing both film and photography into one storytelling medium. Chase helped launched the world’s first HD SLR camera with Nikon. He was the first person with access to this kind of technology and furthered his way through the mixture of film and still photography. Now, many photographers are offering video as well as still image, making it very popular in the wedding industry and it is being offered more than ever as an option for clients hiring film or photography professionals.

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