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Fort Knox Five to Perform at Music at Lunch


Audio Engineering‘s Music at Lunch has returned! This time around, we welcome the Fort Knox Five!

Fort Knox Five consists of Steve Raskin, Rob Myers, Jon Horvath and Sid Barcelona. The band is a leader in international funk, rocking the dance floor with their captivating electronic vibe.

Fort Knox has made numerous remixes, sampling Tito Puente, Louis Armstrong and Bob Marley. The band’s music video for “Shift” featuring Afrika Bambaataa and Mustafa Akbar was dubbed “groundbreaking” by Spinner.

Fort Knox Five’s music has been featured on Fox’s Fringe and on the Oscar Winning Documentary, The Cove. Their music has also been featured on EA Sports’ NBA Live, Tiger Woods PGA Tour as well as on Need for Speed. Most recently, the band provided an original composition for the film, “Stand Up Guys” starring Al Pacino, Alan Arkin and Christopher Walken.

The band will be touring this summer and coming to our very own Kelowna Centre for Arts and Technology campus Friday, June 26, 2013! The tour will be followed up by the release of their new album in winter 2013/2014.

Join us in the lower level student lounge to take in this amazing show from 11:30 – 12:00 pm at the Kelowna Centre for Arts and Technology located in the Landmark Technology Centre III, Suite 100-1632 Dickson Avenue.

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