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On Saturday, August 25, our Fredericton campus held an Open House day at the school. Among the activities: Digital Photography students ran a photobooth in the photography studio, animation students did caricature drawing of attendees, student work was on display throughout the halls, the VHA program handed out free dog treats, did a pet food basket giveaway, and provided information about pet health. One lucky attendee also won a pair of Bruce Springsteen tickets.

Fredericton Open House on SmugMug Bob Cann from FredFM was live on location, and on his blog, noted just how much the school has changed and grown in the last 10 years, since he was an audio student here!

Here are some highlights from his post:

“At first, what filled my time was The Center for Arts and Technology. A state of the art school that would teach me production tips radio graduates would have never touched in their training.

My instructor had produced albums for Def Leppard, Faith Hill, jingles for some amazingly well-known companies, and even hosted a show on one of Nashville’s most successful radio stations.
Real. World. Experience.

So Saturday I returned to a very different, much more sophisticated Centre for Arts and Technology. I was sold…

I was impressed, and not only with the new set up. The staff was incredible. The students were happy, and proud! And beyond that, they grilled a MEAN burger.

In short, the Center for Arts and Technology is a place where an artist can go and be an artist, but still learn the real world skills that make the art profitable. Yes, you can sell paintings and drawings and sculptures etc… But that’s typically not a full time paying gig.

And would anyone argue that creating characters for Disney or the highest selling video games isn’t art?

Play music, draw, and paint and create. It’s an opportunity to be an artist, a vet assistant…

But ultimately, it’s the first step into becoming part of something really special. And the chances are pretty good, that if you’re thinking about any of the fields offered at the Center for Arts and Technology, being part of something special is high on your list of important things.

As it should be.”

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