Fredericton Digital Filmmaking Students Present "Curtain Call"

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The Fredericton Digital FIlmmaking TVFP 200 class worked with industry professionals last week to produce the short, “Curtain Call”.

“Curtain Call” was written and directed by Glendon McKinney and produced by Glendon McKinney and Jon Collicott.

The film was shot over two days, in conditions imitating that of a real world film shoot environment. Through this experience, students gained a better understanding of how to communicate in the filming world as well as how to perform their role in the filming department efficiently and effectively.


Students were split into different working groups for this project while Jon Collicott took on the part of Director of Photography (managing lighting, Grip and Camera departments), Glendon McKinney was the Director and Production Designer and Starsky Steward was the Sound Recordist.

This was a great opportunity for our Fredericton Digital Filmmaking students and we can’t wait to see the finished product!


Picture Credits:

Top: Lias Nguyen – Grip Cassie Ritchie adjusts lights outside the location

Bottom: Lisa Nguyen – Blocking a scene for the camera: DOP Jon Collicott, Actor Jonathan Stockall, Director Glendon McKinney, actor Stefan Verch


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