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Grad Update: Carey Missler & The Canadian Surfer Movie


Carey Missler graduated from our Digital Filmmaking program in 2008. While still in school, he started his first company, DCD Productions. Now in it’s fourth year, DCD Productions has many titles under its belt, including most recently, David Lea’s Fight Camp, which airs on The Fight Network.

In the busy four years since Carey graduated, he has also been gaining experience working on several features and many television commercials. The feature film he worked on while still in school, was The Union Movie, which became an official selection in 33 international film festivals, and winner of Best Canadian Documentary at the Edmonton International Film Festival.

But what Carey is really enjoying working on right now is his own feature film documentary, The Canadian Surfer Movie. The movie “will follow filmmaker Carey Missler and crew as they tell the stories of different surfers, surf culture & communities in Canada. The surf journey will take them all over Canada to find the best waves and new surfing technologies.” It will also follow “one man’s dream to construct the worlds First Surfing Wavegarden & Extreme Sports Facility in Kelowna, British Columbia.”

Global Television recently filmed a segment about the movie and caught up with Carey while he was filming a stand up paddleboarding segment in Kelowna. Watch the clip below!

You can keep up with the movie on the Facebook page here!