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Graphic Design Training Kelowna: Design 500


Recently, some of our Graphic Design & Web Development students in Kelowna, took a field trip to both Speedpro Signs Kelowna and Kelowna InstaPrint as part of their “D500″ (Design 500) course.

Visiting both Speedpro and InstaPrint (just a few of the D500 “field trips”) is a great way for students to learn about the printing process, said Christina, as “Design 500 is all about the production/printing process. And it’s one thing to talk about it, but another thing to actual see why certain things can and or cannot be produced the way a graphic designer wants it.”

At Speedpro Signs, the students did some weeding as seen in the photos, which, described by the “D500″ instructor (and design department head) Christina Baumgartner, is “weeding the excess vinyl to reveal the final cut sticker that can go on a wall/sign or vehicle.”

Through this opportunity, the students experienced a real work place setting and hands on print house operations, and also gave them the opportunity to meet and network with industry professionals that they may be working with (either as employees, or through printing contracts) in the future.

Design 500 (now called Design Studio 5510), is one of courses offered as part of the Graphic Design & Web Development and Graphic & Digital Design programs at Centre for Arts and Technology. These programs are offered in Kelowna, BC, Fredericton, NB, and Halifax, NS. Interested in working in the print or web industry? Contact us to learn more about these career-driven programs today.

Design 500 Courses Description

ln the Graphic Design industry, understanding the theory behind and the creation of design elements is only part of the design process. Being able to combine design knowledge and skills into a proper work-flow is the key to success. Design Studio 5510 takes students through real world scenarios that will show them how to gather pertinent information from customers, apply that information to design elements, communicate design progress to customers, and output a final design through various printing methods.

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