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Guest Speaker – Peter Comrie


Peter Comrie of Full Spectrum Leadership will be coming in to speak to the Animation graduating group on Friday at 10 am. Peter will speak to students about personal responsibility and how that pertains to managing their careers.

Peter excels as an entrepreneur and as a lecturer having admirable experience as a founding member and vice chairman of Altruvest Charitable Services. Throughout his time with Altruvest Charitable Services, Peter encouraged his corporate partners to create open communication in order to effectively deliver their services to the community.

Peter has great experience as a public speaker, working with such organizations as; The United Way, TradeBank International, 4-H Council, Canadian Airlines, among others.

Peter’s beliefs are committed to lifelong learning – a set of values that is essential for our graduates.

We look forward to having Peter join our Animation grads on Friday! For more information, check out Full Spectrum Leadership’s website.