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Veterinary Hospital Assistant Program

She is an active volunteer with the Maritime Reptile zoo, managing an outdoor shelter for stray rescue cats in her neighborhood, and taking care of multiple pets at home; all while being a full time student, with a job in her field and a five week internship lined up for graduation!

Aleesha Leslie is well on her way to a successful career as a Veterinary Hospital Assistant (VHA). 

From a very young age, Aleesha has had much experience with cats, dogs and even wildlife. She has always been concerned for the safety, health and wellbeing of animals, so naturally she felt the next step was to pursue an education in animal medicine. “I am extremely happy about coming to CAT/CHS because it was an amazing experience. The knowledge I have gained from this program has been essential to the field,” said Aleesha.

In the final quarter of the VHA program, Aleesha said her favorite part has been the lab times and the clinical procedures course.  “I find looking at cells, parasites and crystals to be absolutely fascinating!” said Aleesha. “The classes are very hands-on which helps you learn valuable skills necessary for the clinic (pack wrapping, Urinalysis, blood smears and so on).”

Recently students invited large breed dogs to their clinical procedures course, which included a visit from a Great Dane.  Aleesha said that working hands-on with large breed animals in class was not only fun, but a critical aspect to her education as a VHA. “The experience to work on a large breed dog like him in the classroom is essential before entering into the work field,” said Aleesha.

Currently, Aleesha is working with PetFocus Veterinary group, while still volunteering with the Bide Awhile animal shelter and the Maritime Reptile zoo. After graduation, Aleesha will continue working with PetFocus in preparation for a five week internship with Hope for Wildlife, an animal shelter and rehabilitation centre for sick and injured wildlife.

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