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halifax-fashion-design-college-fordographyMontreal Fashion Week brings out the best of the best in the Canadian fashion industry. The best designers, fabrics, innovators, trends…and let’s not forget new Fashion Design student talent in Canada’s Breakthrough Designer competition!

Montreal based textile company Telio, sponsored Canada’s Breakthrough Designer competition which is held on the last day of Montreal Fashion Week. The competition is aimed at bringing forth new talent and presenting them a world of new opportunities. This year’s theme was “Overexposed” which had competitors combine “intricate minimalism, buoyant simplicity and soft armour”.

Twenty five finalists were chosen out of 485 competitors.  The competition – held on February 8th, gave contestants the opportunity to compete for scholarships totaling $15,000. Of those twenty five finalists, the top two competitors would receive licenses and private training textile design software from Kaledo Textiles and Kaledo Style.

halifax-fashion-design-college-fordographyThis year, our very own Halifax College Fashion Design & Merchandising students Sarom Curtis and Laura Corkum competed in the event. Laura drew her inspiration from the concept of a pupa evolving from its last stage of metamorphosis, while Sarom gathered his from the color and texture of both the tweed and sequin material.

Laura described the weekend as being, “a whirlwind two days”. She went on to say that the highlight of the event was also the scariest part for her. “Seeing my design make its way down the runway in front of a packed venue was exhilarating!” Laura had not seen her garment since the deadline for submissions which was three weeks prior to the event. “I could only hope it would live up to my expectations and be well received. Looking back now, I can say, with pride, that I am truly happy with the whole experience”.

The two students showcased their designs on the runway on February 8th.  Both students put forth amazingly unique designs and technically well executed designs, and will take the experience as a major learning experience and networking opportunity to move forward in the Canadian fashion industry.

Last year’s competition named Halifax college student Mitchell Gilroy as one of the top five, winner of the Technical Mention award. Since the competition, Mitchell has gained the experience he needed in order to help launch his career tackling pattern drafting, strategy and marketing. Mitchell’s pieces were most esteemed for their clean and contemporary appearance.

Centre for Arts and Technology is a career focused Halifax college that offers Fashion Design training along with other art programs. Students benefit from small class room sizes as well as having the opportunity to not only develop their professional skills but personal skills as well. Professors are encouraging, engaging and committed to helping students achieve their goals.

Photo credits:

Top: Laura Corkum photo courtesy of Peter Ford Photography, Montreal Fashion Bizvie

Bottom: Sarom Curtis photo courtesy of Peter Ford Photography, Montreal Fashion Bizvie

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