Halifax Digital Filmmaking & Events and Promotions Coordinator's Film To Be Shown At This Year's Emerging Lens Festival

Halifax Digital Filmmaking and Events and Promotions Program Coordinator, Fateh Ahmed is being honoured by being featured in the Chronicle Herald for having his film on neighbourhood gentrification featured at the Emerging Lens Festival.

Originally from Belgium, Ahmed has always been interested in people and their welfare, which made his decision to make a film about gentrification an easy one.

His film, “Pushed Out” is one of thirteen films that will be featured in the third annual Emerging Lens Festival.

“Pushed Out” looks into the world of gentrification and how it affects low income north end Halifax residents. Because of the gentrification happening in this area of Halifax, residents are being pressured to leave.

The film follows Leslie, an African-Nova Scotian single mother who is trying her best to support her son, and Robert, a drug and alcohol addict who was abused as a child and is fighting to find employment. The individuals, both around the age of forty, are followed for a three year period.

The film also takes a look at the protest held over the development of the former St. Patrick’s Alexandra school into a condominium. For this portion of the film he interviewed NDP MP Megan Leslie, former HRM councilor Dawn Sloane, author Paul Erikson and filmmaker Michael MacDonald. Ahmed also composed and scored “Pushed Out” himself.

The former Centre for Arts and Technology Filmmaking student, now turned Program Coordinator, is to have his documentary shown Thursday and again on Saturday.

We at the Centre for Arts and Technology would like to congratulate Ahmed for his accomplishments and can’t wait to view the final product!

Photo Credits: The Chronicle Herald