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Industry Testimonial | Bardel Entertainment Inc.


We are thrilled to feature a testimonial from one of the top Entertainment companies in the Valley. Bardel Entertainment Inc. is a “fully integrated entertainment company, engaged in developing, producing and distributing award winning, audience-driven content.For 25 years, the studio has been a major player in the animation industry, supplying creative services for many of the world’s largest international studios” (From Bardel has hired several of our animation grads and continues to be an important part of our Alumni success strategy.


Title of Positions Hired:

Key Animators


Nickelodeon’s ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’, Nickelodeon’s ‘Dreamworks Monsters vs. Aliens’, Warner Bros. ‘Teen Titans GO!’, Hulu/Rogers/Bardel’s ‘Mother Up!’, Leap Frog half-hour learning DVD’s

How many Centre for Arts and Technology Grads have you hired over the past year?

10 key animators

What are the top 3 ways our grads made an impact on your organization?

They help grow Bardel’s Kelowna studio, provide high-quality key animation for top-rated tv series and share their knowledge with our new hires.

Anyone specific stand out?  Who and why?

Devin Watterston is a great example of how you can bring emotional impact to CG character animation, Eden Timm is a perfect case that shows how being versatile in both digital 2D and CG animation is key to a successful career in character animation

Did their education at Centre for Arts and Technology prepare them for working in this industry?

The education at CATO lays the groundwork in building sensibilities for animation principles and aesthetics and technological know-how and how to bring this to our productions. We have been working with CATO’s students in our work-experience partnership for a while now, working to prepare students for the production environment while in their last quarter before graduation. We work on assignments with them that get reviewed, critiqued and approved by our animation directors in order to help build and prepare the graduates understanding of how the production workflow looks like

Do you see our school as a partner?

Yes, definitely. The ties with CATO’s educators are very strong and founded on a strong level of trust and collaboration. We at Bardel love the fact that we can bring our feedback to the program, and that CATO’s experts listen and are very quick and hands-on in helping to make adjustments to keep their program relevant and make it the best education for their students. They care, and for us at Bardel nothing beats a program that cares.

What is the one thing you would tell potential students about the journey to success? Any advice?

It is important to understand that moving from a program like this into the production environment means a transition on multiple levels. There is no such thing as ‘good enough’ in a production environment such as ours – we seek to meet the highest standards, and our employees are our partners in that endeavour – it is every individual’s task to show what Bardel stands for: Quality, Entertainment and Professionalism. An understanding of accountability and a sense of self-scrutiny in regards to time management and setting one’s own quality bar are key for a career in our field. Every piece of work you hand in for approval says something about you as an artist: What you strive to achieve, what you consider meeting the project expectations, and what you feel ready to share with your artistic lead or supervisor. Make it count, every time.

Thanks to Bardel Entertainment Inc. for allowing us to share your testimonial.