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Interior Design Program Awards


2020 Interior Design Program Awards

Centre for Arts and Technology is proud to present the following awards to graduating students of the Advanced Interior Design and Technology Program.

Victoria Zenon-Weir

The Knoll Modern Always Award

The Knoll Modern Always Award: 

The Knoll Modern Always Award is given to a student in the Advanced Interior Design and Technology Program, at Centre for Arts and Technology for their research and design of interior environments in their Final Graduation Project. This project speaks to fundamental aspects of modern design in the 21st century such as internationalism, social progressiveness, exploration of a changing world and attention to the purity of materials and form. Their designs exemplify a blend of art and craft with a focus on sustainable materials, environmental stewardship and wellness for people in their environment. This student recognizes the importance of timeless design through the compelling juxtaposition of classic and contemporary designs in the creation of modern interior environments where people can live, work and play.  This award was inspired by one of Knoll’s founders, Florence Knoll, who the industry lost in 2019 at the age of 101. Florence continues to inspire many in the field of Interior Design and influences design approaches today.    This year’s recipient is Victoria Zenon-Weir.

We are proud to present this award in conjunction with our industry partners Knoll Canada and HUB Office Furnishings. The recognition consists of a plaque and certificate, as well as $1500 cash award.

Diana Pagourova

Millwork and Furniture Design Award

Millwork and Furniture Design Award: 

This award is given to a student who’s furniture/millwork design for the final project in the Millwork and Furniture Design course fulfills the requirements of research and conceptual process, technical skills and an understanding of the requirements of working drawings and the implementation of those drawings into a manufactured product.  This is a cash award of $500.00.  This year’s recipient is Diana Pagourova. 

Ashlee Bardos

Ambassador Award

Ambassador Award: 

The Decorators + Designers Association of Canada offers a free one year Accredited Membership to one fortunate graduating student of each recognized program across Canada.    The award is given to a student who demonstrates their ability and dedication to “Significant Contribution by the graduating student to the Decorating Industry”.  This person is not solely selected based on academic performance but also on their ability to demonstrate a willingness to participate in leadership, lifelong learning and engages in collaborative support of their peers and the design industry.    This year’s recipient took a leadership role as a class representative to faculty in first year and continued to be supportive of fellow students as the program progressed. She has a long-held passion for design and desires to use it to bring joy and wellbeing to others. In the last 6 months of school, she also studied for and passed the LEED® Green Associate exam.    This year’s recipient is Ashlee Bardos. 

For more information about the Decorators + Designers Association of Canada, please see