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Interior Design Students Build A House for Habitat for Humanity


For Fredericton students Abby Burgess, Ben Irvine, and Rachael Quackenbush the Interior Design practicum experience was taken to the next level. Mike Ross, executive director for Restore Fredericton approached our class with the opportunity to aid in a new possible housing idea that will be brought to Habitat for Humanity, or to re-design the Restore store. But, these three wanted something different, something out of the classroom atmosphere, so they set out to help with the build of a two family home on Hanwell Road!

This was such a great opportunity, and had several learning curves. As a designer it is good to partake in the building of a structure, not only to observe but to become more fluid with how the process works. After their October to December practicum, they learned several new aspects that can be brought to their work as designers.

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