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John MacLean

Fredericton’s Marketing Coordinator, John MacLean, has been recognized by NB Film Co-Op in a Spotlight interview.

John has a diverse background working in Marketing, Human Resource Management and Advertising. John attributes most of his skills to the experience he gained after post-secondary. He was the acting manager at the Yoga Outlet in Saint John and then went on to become a salesman where he learned a lot of what he knows today about sales and marketing.

John has a soft spot for music as well – joining a band as a bassist and eventually becoming the tour manager and promoter, John went across Canada with the band supporting a local YouTube celebrity.

Before joining the Fredericton Campus, John had thought about enrolling in the Advanced Nursing program at UNB but then decided to move to Fredericton with his girlfriend where he came across the posting for the Marketing Coordinator position.

John has been at this position now since December 2012 and has taken quite a liking to the Audio Engineering, Graphic & Digital Design and Event & Promotions Management program as well as the diversity of the Digital Filmmaking, Digital Photography, Interior Design and the Animation programs.

John has many more interesting hobbies and passions which keep him constantly on the go, to read more about those and for his full interview with NB Film Co-Op, check out the NB Film Co-Op Spotlight page!

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