Kelowna, BC Animation College: New 2D Animation Program Announced

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Cartoons have been an integral part of every generation since the 1930’s through film and broadcast television. And now coupled with the invasion of online media and social gaming, the public’s appetite for original, fun, and creative content delivered by talented artists has only increased. Due to this demand, we’re excited to announce a new program being offered at our campus in Kelowna, 2D Animation and Digital Art.

Kelowna, BC 2D Animation College

An intensive 12 month 2D animation program, 2D Animation and Digital Art will provide a foundation in 2D animation and progressive skills in the digital art and animation. It will effectively prepare students for careers such as:

  • Digital Animator
  • Character Designer
  • Concept/Storyboard Artist
  • Character Clean-up Artist
  • Interface Designer
  • Layout Artist
  • Production Assistant
  • Background Artist
  • Level Designer

The program covers everything students will need for a career in 2D Animation and Digital Art, including classical animation, digital animation, character design, interface design, storyboarding, visual communication, digital painting, life drawing, and layout and production.

Learn more about the program on our 2D animation page: 2D Animation Training Kelowna.

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