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LinkedIn Survey Highlights Mobile App Development as Most In-Demand Job Skill In Canada


A recent survey conducted via LinkedIn has identified the most in-demand job skills and best cities to seek employment in Canada, and if you are predisposed to tech jobs, you are in luck. A sampling of LinkedIn’s over 10 million members revealed that the majority of flourishing careers in Canada deal with digital media, programming and mobile application development.

At Centre for Arts and Technology, we strive to stay abreast of trends in all industries where our graduates may seek employment and this study has affirmed some of our recent initiatives to become a leader in post-secondary technical training. A new program is in the later stages of development and approval and promises to fall directly in-line with LinkedIn’s findings. The new Web and Mobile Application Developer program will produce industry-ready grads capable of traversing the digital landscape with ease. These soon-to-be graduates will find themselves job-seeking in the most in-demand sector of this growing digital market.

Following up Mobile Application Development are several other sectors that align directly with programs offered through Centre for Arts and Technology. Job skills such as Social Media Marketing, Programming Languages, Computer Graphics & Animation and User Interface Design are all topics covered in various programs within our school.

In addition to highlighting the top job skills, this survey also looked at the best cities in Canada to pursue a career with our neighbor to the east, Calgary, getting top billing. Toronto was in the second spot with Vancouver only 0.2% behind in the third spot.

Surveys such as this are a great insight into the trends in the Canadian job landscape, and with a little insight, can forecast the future for our graduates. This, despite the fact that this particular survey does not give mention to any careers in the oil and gas industry as the survey was only conducted on LinkedIn members; and typically speaking, those in this sector are not heavy LinkedIn users. We are excited for what these findings will mean for all of our Alumni and soon-to-be graduates as many of them graduate with skills appearing on this list. We will continue to keep an eye on Canadian career trends and look forward to seeing what our grads accomplish in these in-demand markets.

Credit to: LinkedIn Survey and Huffington Post Article