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Meet Cassidy Stober

Awards, Student Feature

Interior Design Program Challenge Winner

Last term, AIDT student Cassidy Stober was the lucky winner of a design challenge set by Westwood Fine Cabinetry, Kelowna. The challenge? To design a Mid-century Modern-inspired drinks cabinet. The icing on the cake was that Westwood were so taken with the winning design, they decided to produce it as a one off, and the (beautiful) result can be seen in our main foyer.

How Cassidy Is Studying How To Become An Interior Designer

“Watching the cabinet be put together was amazing! I went to see it in each stage of its construction; I saw each piece of the cabinet get put together like an extremely intricate puzzle,” says Stober. “I’d say the finished piece turned out better then how I originally envisioned it. Its compact, functional and beautifully constructed! Westwood did a phenomenal job and were a pleasure to work with!”

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