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Meet Jeremy Drainville

Student Feature

When Jeremy Drainville graduated from the CAT Digital Photography department in 2017, he was already recognised by his instructors as ‘one to watch’. Fast forward to 2019, and he has proven them right. Jeremy is now one of the two resident ski photographers at Keefer Lake Lodge in Cherryville, BC, which is pretty much his dream job.

East to West: From Quebec to Kelowna

Originally from Quebec, Jeremy now works at Keefer Lake during the ski seasons, working 10 hour days, 7 days on, 7 days off. He is up early, and out with the lodge guests, documenting every part of their ski day. Then in the evenings he puts together a slide show, capturing the days activities to show the guests. He also uses his shots to produce prints and books to sell to the guests at the end of their trip, something he introduced when he identified there was a demand – a great supplemental income strand.

Jeremy Drainville’s Stellar Work Ethic

Jeremy got the job in much the same way he approached his studies at CAT – through focus, lack of fear, hard graft and ingenuity; researching the job fully, then concentrating on bringing some fresh new ideas to the position.

Jeremy is also working on a passion project about Kootenay’s men in bathtubs – an idea he started developing at CAT – for a future calendar and book.

This term Jeremy popped in to give a guest lecture about his photography and career progress to the current Digital Photography students that was absolutely filled with top tips and good advice – as follows:

  • Advice for while you are at CAT – take advantage of the equipment! Invest your time while you are here, to have really good gear and to take really good pictures. It’s a choice. I made the decision to put my distractions away and concentrate on learning photography.
  • Challenge yourself. Put one photo per day on your Instagram account. Try different types of photography. I didn’t know I like shooting portraits until I came to this school!
  • What I remember most about school are the two times I failed. Failure will bring you to another level if you choose to step up and get up again. Look back at your work and ask – what worked? What didn’t? Then improve. It’s about your mindset.
  • When it comes to equipment, It doesn’t matter what you have, just get out and shoot. You don’t need lots of different lens – just know how to use the ones you do have.
  • Don’t be afraid to tell people what you do. I have my graduation portfolio book with me everywhere I go.
  • With my photographs, I’m always thinking about the story, and how to move people through the story.
  • On the mountain (at Keefer Lake) I am going to do the same thing everyday, so I push myself to come up with new – or better – ways of doing it. To constantly improve myself. Remember the industry is always about the next guy coming. You have to keep moving and changing and improving.
  • Make a choice! Where ever you spend your time, that’s what you are going to get better at. I don’t want to get better at bookkeeping, I want to get better at photography. I can hire a bookkeeper.
  • Don’t be afraid to commit. Put yourself on a deadline, then figure it out. Fail if you have to. Photography is a process.

Remember, no one’s going to see your mistakes – I’m only going to keep my good shots!

If your dreams are not big enough to scare you, dream bigger.

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