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New album channels the ‘90s


Jacklyn Reinhart asks ‘What would Dave Grohl do?’ during recording phase of forthcoming project

When Jaclyn Reinhart says her forthcoming album has strong ‘90s rock feel to it, she’s not mincing words. Just consider how the singer-songwriter and her Fredericton-based producer, Andrew MacRae (Senior Audio Engineering Instructor for the Centre for Arts and Technology), approached the project from the outset.

“Our motto during recording was, ‘What would Dave Grohl do?’” Reinhart said with a laugh. “So it really evolved into this riff-based rock.”

Reinhart is in the midst of finishing her second album, the followup to 2011’s Favourite Mistakes. When Here Magazine caught up with her last week from her new home in Saint John, she said the new effort marks a pretty sharp departure from the somewhat softer pop sound of her debut.

“It’s completely different. It’s much more mainstream-rock sounding, very in the vein of Matthew Good, Foo Fighters, maybe a little bit of Alanis Morissette,” she said. “I love that era, it’s where I really got my roots.”

Originally intended to hit shelves in the summer of 2013, Reinhart has had to delay the release until some time this spring, a combination of financial restraints and fairly big life changes.

For one, Reinhart recently relocated from Fredericton to the Port City, largely to pursue fulltime work and fund the final stretch of the project.

She had run a Pledge Music campaign for the album, but wasn’t able to finance the entire project on that alone. Expressing gratitude for contributors’ patience, she said the wait will be well worth it.

In the meantime, Reinhart, who played the Hard Rock Café in Toronto last February as a finalist in the national Hard Rock Rising competition, is content to showcase her new sound in live settings.

“I get squirrelly when I’m not playing live,” she said.

Written by Jon MacNeill

Article originally published in Here Magazine – page 22 February 6-12, 2014 Issue