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Photathalon is BACK With A Whole New Crew!


As another quarter comes to completion, it means that it’s time to say farewell to our graduating class of digital photographers. When the last group graduated, our department head; Kevin Trowbridge conceived a contest that would provide a creative outlet for our grads to celebrate their achievements throughout their 12 month program. Presenting the “Photathalon”!  Well, we are pleased to say that we have brought it back again for our grads, fresh with new challenges, new prizes, an outrageously talented model and of course new photographers!

Four graduating photographers took part in this zany and timed challenge that tested their prowess for photographing under a challenging time limit, model direction, lighting and an extreme edit…phew! These talented individuals are listed below; head on over to their websites and show them a little love.

Justin Zubeck

Sandrena Foster

Alex Nikolova

Emma Patterson

In a flurry of feathers, sequins and props of all kinds, each photographer had 15 minutes to create 10 saleable images of our wonderful young model; Taya Hanson. From there, each photographer had to batch process these images to give them their own finished aesthetic. Photographers were given points based on time to complete these challenges and further points based on judges’ recommendations. All photographers did extremely well and made the whole digital photography team very proud! Each graduate also had only 10 minutes to transform one of their images into an “Extreme Edit” of their choosing. To those of you who don’t know this is a serious time constraint, but each student wowed us with their final composite images, see their work below:

But in the end there can be only one Photathalon winner, and this was decided by one final head to head competition. This final segment was a challenge your opponent faceoff. Our two finalists; Emma Patterson and Sandrena Foster had to create a challenge of their own that they felt would both highlight their own strengths and challenge their opponent. Emma chose an in-studio lighting challenge using a ladder as a prop and Sandrena chose an outside natural light challenge featuring motion as a theme. Each contender had only 10 minutes for each challenge and then basic retouching in Lightroom was applied. Then, to involve the junior photography students, we headed over to their classroom to put the final images to a vote to decide the winner! After viewing the images, a winner was decided…

Emma Patterson of Triple F Photography is a sports action and lifestyle photographer operating in and around the Okanagan Valley. Emma has been a delight to have as a student; her passion for excellence and expanding her creative boundaries inspired all those around her. We wish Emma success in chasing her dreams, we know this proud Mother and photographer deserves it.

To see more of the images please see our Facebook album.