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Photo Essay | 1


Essentially, photographers are story-tellers, and photo essays aim to tell us stories with pictures instead of words. This post we look at photo essay work from Digital Photography student Torrance YoungChief


My project focuses on my culture, the Cree culture, especially on the regalia that powwow dancers adorn and how it is shown off to an audience when they dance and tell stories.

I wanted to do this project because it falls quite close to home with how I grew up going to powwows and seeing all this amazing regalia being worn and how the dancers would dance differently depending on the song and the type of regalia being worn to tell a different story each time.

I have always been in love with my culture and the vast and colourfulness of it.”

Torrance YoungChief

I always loved how there were so many different types of dancers; traditional, fancy, chicken, etc. And how different each type of regalia can be depending on what you choose.

I have always been in love with my culture and the vast and colourfulness of it since I was little and wanted to showcase a small glimpse of it for those that might not be familiar with the culture.

I not only have the regalia, but also the everyday ribbon skirts which I have often found quite beautiful. Though ribbon skirts are different they can still tell a story if that is the intention, mainly though they are a way to show the pride one has in their culture and are unique for every person.

These as well are quite colourful and usually a reflection of the wearers’ personality and their unique style and preference.

Photography by Torrance YoungChief