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Picture Perfect Frames Students for Success


In this time of increasing customer demands and higher competition in the photography industry, upcoming professionals like the graduating students from the digital photography school at Kelowna’s Centre for Arts and Technology need to find a way to stay on top. Diversifying products and services offered is one way to elevate above the competition, and ensure industry visibility.

Many photographers fall into the category of shoot and share, which generally means that they are delivering images on disk to their clients. As more photographers join the ranks, this is now generally seen as a bottom-end way to deliver the final product. More photographers are now focusing on delivering higher quality tangible artisan products such as premium photo books, canvas prints and high end framing. As the photographer landscape becomes more crowded, so in turn does the market for photography deliverables. How does a photographer choose the who, what, where and why of the concrete products they offer to clients? One sure fire way is to make choices based on reputation and industry standing as is certainly the case with custom framing.

Present for over 30 years in Kelowna’s downtown core stands a testament to best business practices in the custom framing world. Picture Perfect offers high end custom framing to the Okanagan while maintaining an air of approachability and affordability. Photographers and their clients all over the Okanagan visit Linda and her team at Picture Perfect for everything from poster framing to archival quality framing and restoration.

Recently an opportunity arose to create a valuable industry connection as well as some priceless exposure for our recent digital photography graduates. As a prize and incentive for a recent digital photography event held at our Kelowna campus, Picture Perfect agreed to offer up their prime window space for two weeks in October to display some prints from our graduating class. This not only is a great way for our students to get eyes on their art, but to create valuable industry connections that will carry them through their professional career.

Featured in the display will be our Photathalon event winner; Juliana Martine, owner of Photos by J and recent Centre for Arts and Technology graduate. Alongside her works are her the prints of fellow classmates and photographers, all deserving of this valuable opportunity. All of them exhibit very unique aesthetic qualities in their photographs, making this showing a diverse and unique representation of where the photography industry is headed.

We at the Centre for Arts and Technology Kelowna would like to extend a huge thank you to Linda, Tracy, Neil and all the rest of the hard-working staff at Picture Perfect in Kelowna. We trust that you will continue to be a leader in the field of custom framing in the Okanagan and we look forward to working with you in the future. Stop by Picture Perfect’s downtown Kelowna location (339 Bernard Ave.) from October 22, 2013 – November 1, 2013 to see this eye-catching display.

For more information about the Centre for Arts and Technology’s Digital Photography program in Kelowna click HERE.

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