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A Simple Formula: Technology Schools in Canada Equal Careers


Network security has been a growing industry ever since computers and the internet really came into light. Network security is referring to any and all activities designed to protect your network. These activities protect the usability, reliability, and safety of your network and data. Our lives now days basically revolve around the internet, computers and cellphones. Our generation screams for technology, and if said technology fails us because of hacking or viruses, then getting through everyday life is actually a challenge.

Network security helps protect you from viruses, worms, spyware and adware, zero-day attacks, also called zero-hour attacks, hacker attacks, denial of service attacks, data interception and theft, and identity theft. There are layers upon layers of security walls placed in computers to protect data. This is so if one wall fails another is there in its place. All computers need protection from the issues that can easily arise. Most people hate to go a day without a proper functioning computer, and that’s impossible to do without network security protecting it from everyday issues.

With this growing industry there are a lot of new job opportunities arising for the aspiring computer whiz. The possibilities as a network security specialist are endless; you can do anything from having a small home business all the way up to working for the government. These countless job opportunities are for those getting the right education in the network security field. To start a life as a network security specialist, a technology school is always a great place to begin your journey.

At Centre for Arts and Technology, Network Security is an 18 month program with the goal to make the students industry-ready. This program prepares you to start a career in many different fields within network security. Some such careers are LAN manager, network administrator and network Engineer. Let Centre for Arts and Technology help you towards becoming successful in your future of network security.