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Spring 2014 Contests are now Closed


You registered. You created your submissions. You uploaded.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our most recent round of contests, we loved all of your submissions and have made our judges’ job of picking the winners extremely difficult!

All contests have now officially closed and we are now in the process of collecting all submissions and sending them out to our judging staff. They will be judged by industry leaders in each respective category, most of whom make up our stellar instructional staff. Each submission will be judged on how closely it matches the criteria for each contest, level of technical skill displayed, creative execution and personal vision, as well as overall originality. The top three finalists in each contest will be awarded scholarships ranging from $500 to $2700 which can be used towards tuition or in certain cases are to be applied to elective courses in any program of your choosing.

Centre for Arts and Technology is an institute of inspired learning, therefore we seek students who hold the passion and determination to be the best and brightest in their field of choosing. Offering contest opportunities is just one way we reach out into the world and connect with inspired individuals looking to pursue a dynamic and engaging learning experience.

We can’t wait to unveil the winners in each category and we know you are anxious too! Please be patient as our judging team pore over your fantastic submissions and spend the appropriate time selecting a winner. Winners will be announced early next week via Facebook and on our blog. Winners will be contacted prior to the public announcement so stay close to your phone and email as one of our program advisors might be contacting you to inform you that you WON!